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The Gingin Community Resource and Visitor centre produces various community and business publications. The Gingin Buzz is a monthly production closing early on the last week of the month and in circulation the first week of the month. The Gingin Regional Directory hardcopy book commences collation in July each year and is published in November of the year. In addition a quarterly Business and Tourism E-Newsletter is circulated via mailchimp.

Contact for information on these various publications please make contact as follows:

Gingin Buzz ( Lauren) – gcn@gingin.net

Gingin Regional Directory (Carrie)  – directory@gingin.net

Business & Tourism E-Newsletter (Carrie) – visitorcentre@gingin.net

community information for 2024

Download essential community information from our Gingin Regional Directory 2024.

In these pages you will find a listing of invaluable resources on the following;

GINGIN: Community Events – Churches – Community Groups – Education – Emergency Services – Health & Support – Postal/Courier Services – Sporting Groups – Tourism Services.

GUILDERTON: Community Events – Arts & Crafts – Churches – Community Groups – Environmental – Library – Postal/Courier – Resident Association – Sporting & Recreation Clubs – Tourism.

LANCELIN: Community Events – Business Organisations – Churches – Community Bus – Community Centre – Community Newspaper – Country Women’s Association – Emergency Services – Environmental – Health & Support Lions Club – Postal/Courier – Returned Service League – Schools – Sporting & Recreation Clubs.

LEDGE POINT: Community Events – Community Groups – Sports.

NEERGABBY: Community Events – Resident Association.







GINGIN BUZZ - our Community newspaper

Download the latest issue of the GINGIN BUZZ – our Community newspaper.

Previous issues still available for Download here


The Gingin Community Resource Centre is managed by a Volunteer committee and runs with a staff of 5 and numerous invaluable volunteers. Our membership base is made up of community minded people who share the values and goals of the CRC. Membership payment assists the running of the CRC and can be of value to community members due to the services credit members receive on payment of their membership.

Members must abide by the Constitution of the Association, a copy of Gingin CRC Constitution is available here.

A membership application can be found here. We look forward to having you join us.