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Your friendly CRC staff

The Gingin Community and Resource Centre is notorious for its cheerful, welcoming and helpful manner.  We currently employ 3 full time staff and 1 trainee.  The staff are dedicated to a “nothing we can’t do approach”, from the moment you are welcomed through the doors the staff are proficient and customer focused.

Carrie Edwards Manager

Carrie started at the Gingin CRC in 2008, in a job share situation. The opportunity for full time employment presented itself and from this time onwards the CRC has flourished. Carrie’s contagiously cheerful manner, along with her enthusiasm and passion has made the CRC what it is today, a happy, friendly, helpful and informative workplace, while providing invaluable resource for the Community.

Alison McVee Assistant Manager

If you visit our CRC on Monday, Tuesday or Friday you will find our Assistant Manager/Bookkeeper Ali working along side Carrie.  Alison is an invaluable team member to the CRC with her overall knowledge of our community and sport. Ali is also arty and has a flair for poster production but as the CRC business grows her bookkeeping duties give her more than enough to do.

Roslyn Christensen Customer Service Officer

Roz was initially our Bank Teller and with her station in reception has always had her finger on the pulse of community desires. This developed beautifully into Roz`s current Customer Service role once the instore bank was closed. Roz now collates the monthly Gingin Buzz, as well as the annual Regional Directory and is a wonderful resource for all manner of queries that walk in our door.

CRC Trainee

The CRC employees a trainee annually.  This is a fantastic opportunity for an individual to join the CRC team and Graduate with a certificate whilst learning how the Resource and Visitor Centre is run from a day to day basis. Trainees hold a very important position as they are the first point of call as our friendly face to customers entering through our welcoming doors.